Why Do Some People Like Being Nude? Traveling To Nude Beaches, Camps Etc.?


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I don't know about adults but I know that any chance my 2 year old has she will run naked through the house...
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I think some people like the freedom of no clothes and the worries of body issues many people have just to be able to be in an environment all the same show we are all very different shapes and sizes in which I think this would make people more confident in there own skin I personally wouldn't do this but each to there own I guess, a nudist site full of men and women are old enough to choose where to holiday and for some this is what they choose
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I am 31 weeks pregnant due Sept. 22nd with my 5th child.  And just thinking about this question makes me sick.  Everything these days make me sick however.  I don't know why people would want to go naked.  It is their life and if they want to do it at least there are places they can go where there are people like them.  So we don't have to be around it and we can stay away.  I don't agree with it but it is there thing.  
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Yes children do love to be undressed,it takes training to teach a child that clothes have to be worn. I notice changing a baby and they all like that freedom,but this subject it for adults that adhere to this life style,I must agree to each his own but I would like for someone that indulges in that life style to enlighten us all,I don't understand it bot I don't knock it because I don't have to be around them and yes they have their own places that they visit and vacation,I guess it is to each his own,but they are not adam nor eve....Peace
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I like being nude around the house and my yard with traffic going pass so what but I don't
go to camps or beach's,you only live once .and it relax's my mine and de-stresses my body
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Where I live about 10 miles down there is a nudest colony.  I have not gone in there and I will not go there.  But to each their own that goes there I guess.  like what bgirl525 stated it is a lifestyle that some people choices to indulge.
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If you are nude there is no underwear riding up, or a bra digging in, or a waistband from jeans digging in. There is nothing binding anywhere.

However there is a trade off if you go outside in the nude. Bug bites in some personal places, as well as sand. Not to mention the possible sunburns.

It isn't for me, but I have had friends that liked that lifestyle. Not far from where I live there is a nudist community and I have known people who have gone up on the weekends. To each their own.

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I just think that some people may have never learned not to do it so they decide its a good thing or maybe they should  GET A LIFE!
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They were never taught to be ashamed of their bodies.

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Why should anyone be ashamed of their bodies?
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They shouldn't, but the majority of North American people are, due to their upbringing.. (cover up, someone is coming) :)

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