Write A Letter To Your Father Asking Permission To Go To Ur Friends House For The Poo Ja Holidays?


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The following will explain how you can write a letter asking to attend the Puja Holidays.

  • Puja Holiday

Though the question has spelled Puja as Poo Ja, we have found that the accurate spelling for the Hindu holiday is Puja and that nothing about the holiday can be found under Poo Ja online. Magha Puja or Sangha Day is also the Fourfold Assembly Day in Buddhist countries. It is a day observed in March on the first full moon. The day is a commemoration of 1,250 enlightened monks that came together to pay their respects to Buddha. Most people will gather at the temples, both monks and regular practitioners, to remember the day long ago. Often the observances are marked with processions and sometimes with candlelight. People will walk around the shrine three times for each of the three jewels.

  • Writing the Letter
The letter needs to be personal given that it is for a father to read. Depending on the father you may want to be more formal in your personal letter rather than informal. The body of the letter is the most important. You should probably begin with an explanation of what the holiday is and launch in to why you want to go to the friend's house and experience the observation day. If you are not Buddhist, you may want to explain that it is a cultural learning experience for you and that you are there to observe and not participate.

You may also want to include contact information for the friend's house so your father knows how to contact you should there be a need. Your father can also call ahead and speak with the parents to ask for permission and to ensure you will be safe.

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