Write a letter to your friends describing how you spend your holidays?


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There are a number of ways to keep your friends informed about any worldly travels you may be doing. You can write a letter, send an email, or create a picture album with comments on a social media site such as Facebook or MySpace. No matter what media you choose, there are several good rules of thumb to make it as interesting as possible for your family and friends to read and view.

Use an informal and tongue-in-cheek style to keep your readers interested when writing a letter or blog about your travels. Start your letter with a warm general salutation and a brief explanation of where you're going and what you expect to do while you are there.

From there take your readers on a day by day recap of your adventures focusing on the high points in a conversational style tone. If you're using pictures for your blog be sure and explain the content and feel free to add humor to keep it interesting and engaging. Be sure to point out and describe points of interest that you know your friends and family will be interested in.

When the trip is coming to end, bring your letter or blog to an end in a manner that will wrap everything together. If you have pictures on your blog, try to get a shot that will be fitting such as a view of a tropical sunset if you're having a beach vacation or a shot of the airplane that you will be flying on to bring you home.

With the right pictures and words, you can whisk your friends and family off to far-away places that you visit and they can live vicariously through your globe-trotting treks and travels and linger on your every thought and word either through your letters or your online blog and picture campaign.
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you can tell about Get-away, spare time exercises, week-closes, picnics,In your letter you ask him how you spent your summer.During your mid year occasions you made numerous new companions, read a great deal of helpful things.

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Just tell them what you did and how you had a good time and thing like that.

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