Are There 18 And Over Nightclubs In Las Vegas, Nevada?


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No, I'm afraid there appear to be no nightclubs in Las Vegas that cater for people under the age of 21.

  • Really? :-(
Yes, really! In saying that if you are willing to venture away from Las Vegas to Henderson, a venue called 'Club Frozen 75' holds a weekly club night specifically for young party goers aged between 14 and 20 called 'Remix Saturday'. Patrons aged 14 - 15 are informed that they will need written permission from their parents before the club will grant admission. The venue did also hold 'Zen18+' for the over 18 crowd only, although their official website doesn't seem to advertise it anymore. It may have been replaced by '18+ Ultra lounge' although it's unclear whether this is part of the same night or a different night altogether.

  • Where?
In the city of Henderson. It's Nevada's second largest city and a mere ten minutes from the Strip itself. The club night is located at 4427 East Sunset Road, Henderson, NV 89014. The club sits beside Lees Discount and a Taco Bell and Del Taco is directly in front of the venue.

  • When?
Both club nights, assuming both are still on, are run consecutively every Saturday night between the hours of 7pm and 11:30pm for Remix Saturday and 11:30pm and 2:40am in the case of Zen18+

  • How much is the cover price?
The admission fee is $15 for each club night, although a local discount is in operation where it's just $10 before 9pm or $5 for the really early birds who make it before 8pm.

  • Is there a dress code?
Plain t-shirts and sporting apparel are a strict no-no. The recommendation is to 'dress to impress' so fitted, casual and trendy are the key words to remember.

  • Sounds like it may be worth checking out, how do I get in touch?
All contact details can be found by visiting the contact page on their website.
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Club deuces coming soon, the only 18+ night club in las vegas. Grand opening date posted on
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Yes that is all that is all there is no younger than 18 or else the cops will come
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Yes. There is Club Frozen75. But they are only open on fridays and saturdays. Before 10pm I think is for 14+, and then after that is 18+.
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There may be 18+ nightclubs in Vegas but the minimum legal drinking age is 21 it's strictly enforced everywhere you go

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