What Type Of Money Do They Use In South Africa?


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The money, or currency, currently in circulation in South Africa is the Rand (or R). This is made up of 100 cents.

  • ·Denominations
The notes in the South African currency are printed in R200, R100, R50, R20 and R10 denominations, while their coins are all minted in a R5, a R2, a R1, and then a 50c, a 20c, a 10c and a 5c denomination.

  • Designs
The designs of the South African currency show the diverse fauna of the country. The South African notes depict drawings of the country's 'Big 5' wild animals. These are the animals that a tourist wants to see the most. The R200 depicts a leopard; the R100 note depicts a buffalo; the R50 depicts a lion; the R20 depicts an elephant; and the R10 note depicts a rhino.

  • Colors
The R200 note is orange; the R100 note is blue; the R50 note is red; the R20 note is brown; and the R10 note is green.

  • New Design
There are two different kinds of R5 and R2 coins that are currently in circulation. This is because there was a new design that was released during August 2004 marking 10 years of the democracy of South Africa. The new South African R2 is almost identical to the older R2 coin, while their new R5 coin is a bit heavier and the edge of the coin has a security groove. It is also the first South African bi-metal coin.

  • Exchange Rate
The Rand was first introduced in South Africa on 14th February 1961. The Republic of South Africa was also established in that year. The exchange rate at that time was two Rand to the British Pound. Today, one pound equals just over R11, while $1 equals just under R7. In 2010, the 1990 series of R200 notes were withdrawn due to counterfeiting.
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Think they use U.S money

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