What Is The Ten Dollar George W. Bush Republic Of Liberia Coin Worth?


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The value of any coin is based mainly on the year in which the coin was produced - this is why collections of very old coins are worth more than collections of more modern coins. It appears that the George W. Bush 10 dollar Republic of Liberia coins were made in three different years - 2001, 2002 and 2004. You should expect to pay, or to sell your coin, for more if it was made in 2001, as this is the oldest type of the coin. However, as the difference between the ages of the coins is a maximum of three years, the difference in the value of the coins will be very little - probably only a few cents.

Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay appear to stock each of these types of coin for around $15.00, although this price does not include postage and packaging. A great website that you may find worthwhile is, which sorts all the special edition and commemorative coins of various countries and republics in order to get you the best deal. The above link will take you directly to the page of the website devoted to coins from the Republic of Liberia, although at the side of the page is a long list of the different countries and republics whose coins are available online.

The $10 George W. Bush Republic of Liberia Coin of 2001 was made from copper and nickel, and has a diameter of 32mm. It weighs approximately seven ounces. Coins such as this one are usually made for commemorative purposes, and are normally created in limited numbers, which is why they are highly sought after collectors' items. The most expensive coins will be those where a very small number were created - maybe only 100 of a certain type of coin were ever created.

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