How Can Apply For Refugee To USA?


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The fastest way to apply for refugee status in the US is to simply fly there and then ask for asylum immediately after you arrive. You can do this by visiting with immigration and customs officials at any major American airport. The US also operates an overseas refugee admission program, in conjunction with the United Nations, and those who are resettled in this way usually receive an interest-free loan in order to travel to America. These refugees will also be given financial aid for eight months following their arrival in the US. Do keep in mind, however, that you will very clearly have to prove that you are being systematically persecuted in your home country, in order to be considered for resettlement.
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mohamed nozha
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For us egyption people it very difficult to get a visa to USA ,
I what kind of visa can I ask if I want to entry USA for ask refugee?from usempassy in my country?
Note : I am still living in my original country .

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