Can I Get A US Passport If I Have To Register As A Sex Offender?


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There is nothing in law that currently restricts sex offenders applying for, and receiving, a passport, based on whatever conviction they may have. There shouldn't be a problem getting hold of a passport, but you have to be very clear when applying for the passport.

  • Important Information when Applying for a Passport
You will most certainly have to mention your record in the details of your passport application. It is very important when applying that you are entirely truthful about every detail of your application. If you happen to miss out any details, or skew the truth, however small, you will most certainly be denied a passport, not necessarily because of your criminal record, but because you did not include every conceivable truthful detail. It is always better to have too much information to hand, than too little.

  • Where Does Travel Visa Fit Into This?
Visa applications follow on from receiving a passport. There shouldn't be a problem applying for/receiving a visa, so long as you include the same details as when applying for a passport.

There is an overview of the law regarding sex offender movements in the document here, under page 57, detailing the process of international travel.

  • The Details of Moving Location
Certain sentences, such a parole or probation, will prevent you from leaving the country. However, since you are not on parole, you are free to leave the country. There may be some countries that will not allow a sex offender entry, so it is recommended you check with the U.S. Consulate that the country you want to visit has no such restrictions. Although, as a felon, you may have lost the right to vote or bear arms, this doesn't impact on your right of basic human liberty of freedom of movement. When moving states, or even between cities, it is highly recommended that you make your presence aware to the local authorities. That way, it is less of a problem for them, the fact that you have made them aware of your presence, therefore being very open about your position in the community.
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I am an RSO, I have got a passport and been to Mexico several times. There is no problem vacationing there at this time. The law may change but for now you can travel like any other citizen of the U.S.
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You should be able to get a passport, but you will probably have to mention your record in your passport application. There is an overview of the law in this document (page 57 - International Travel) from the department of justice.
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Yes, at present, you can. I had no problem getting one. There is some scary legislature in the works to change this though, so keep checking.
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The answer will be no. IF you have a criminal history there is more chances that it will be denied unless you or the person that applies with false information,
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No - because if you go to mexico it's a pain in everyone's butt to try and get you BACK from Mexico. Also, Mexico doesn't want you (or any law offender) they have enough problem cases of their own.

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