What Is Puerto Rico Famous For?


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Puerto Rico is one of the nicest places in the U.S. It is a cross-road between the old Spanish (Castilian) and the new American cultures. The island is mainly mountainous, yet it has some of the finest beaches anywhere. Some of the famous and unique things: The El Yunque Rainforest, the world's largest radio telescope in Arecibo (a big dish built into the mountain--you see that in movies), the karsh landscape, Phosphorescent Bay, and the largest castle (El Morro) in the Western Hemosphere. Other goodies are rum production (Don Q), sugar plantations, casinos and the friendliest people and wonderful food.
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Puerto Rico is Famous for its white sandy beaches, the mountains and valleys and all the natural sights to be seen.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck
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Puerto Rico spanish for Rich Port, Is also known as La Isla Del Encanto, or The Island of Enchantment. en.wikipedia.org
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I think it is more famous for it's RUM.
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Is this your home work assignment...go to the R's and then to Puerto Rico...inside a encyclopedia book 

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