Which Are The Most Famous Places That I Can Visit In Karachi?


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Karachi is in the southern part of Pakistan, in the province of Sindh. It is the main business hub of Pakistan with over 10 million people living in it. Being a business hub, you can expect Karachi to be full of people, with people all over the country trying to make their future in the city; Karachi has taken the burden in keeping them.

If one gets tired of the busy life, Karachi has many attractions to offer. With beaches on Clifton, with flood lights showering on the mighty beach and pretty high fountain is a treat to watch. With food stalls and cool winds.

If Clifton beach doesn't satisfy you, then Sandspitt, Hawks-bay, Marina beach or Paradise point is there to entertain you.

Karachi was once the capital city of Pakistan, which means most of the important buildings are still standing rite on today. From the supreme court of Pakistan to Frayer Hall. The old britsh style buildings are a treat to watch and if you happen to have an interest in architecture, then Banz Road is the place to be.

Quaid Azam (Mohammad Ali Jinnah)-the founder of Pakistan's mausoleum is also a must visit place to pay homage to one the greatest leaders of the world.

If you wish to buy cheap clothes with limited amount of time, Zainab Market is designed just for you. However if you have time, then the whole of Karachi with places such as Tariq Road and Saddar can be places where you buy loads of stuff.

If that is not all, then Karachi offers you with the best of food. With Lal-Qila, Sweet and Sour, Village or the Restaurants on the National Highway is more than what you can ask for.

All in all, Karachi known as the "City of Lights" entertains millions of people who wish to live the way they like. Yes I am referring to the great Karachites.
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I also visited karachi city one week ago.I really so enjoyed.I mostly like his road flyovers and picnic places for example pAF musium colifton beach hoksby and much more.and so important is that now I do not forget it.I also remember it in our life.and I wants going there once time again.karachi is so beautiful city of pakistan.
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Karachi is the chief city of Pakistan. Apart from being a "city of lights", it has many interesting places that can be a treat to view. Clifton, Saddar, Tariq road, Hawks bay and Sandspitt are some of them. If you are fond of the seaside, Clifton, Hawhsbay, Sandspitt are here for you. If you love shopping Saddar, Tariq Road, and Defence will be a paradise for you. In addition to these places there are different drama theatres also. You can also enjoy fun fairs that are organised from time to time.

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Karachi is known as the city of lights. It is a city where the day never ends. You can see similar amount of activity at nights as compared to days. Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and the 20th largest city of the world. It can be considered as the back bone of Pakistan as all the financial and commercial activities take place in this city, as well as it has a budding industry of textiles, shipping, entertainment, arts, fashion, automobile industry, Software development etc.

Karachi is one of the oldest cities of the world. It is home to many sites of cultural and historical importance. People who visit Karachi visit the sites given below as a must:

- The tomb of Quaid-e-Azam
- Seaview
- Mohatta Palace
- Habib Bank Plaza- The former tallest building of Pakistan
- Clifton
- MCB plaza- The tallest building of Pakistan
- Masjid-e-Tooba
- Karachi Port Authority's Water jet fountain
- French Beach
- Paradise Point
- Hawke's Bay
- Pakistan Maritime Museum
- Empress Market
- Marina Club
- DHA Golf Club
- Creek Club
- Safari Park
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Karachi is the city that never sleeps and the city of lights. It is the most famous city of Pakistan and has the major attractions here. Talking about attractions, there are a number of places one can visit. These include the beautiful beach, shopping malls, and many other places to hang out. Karachi has a beautiful beach, which has always been the center of attraction for people living here or for those who come from other places. Other than beaches there are places like Sandspitt, Hawk-bay, Marian beach or Paradise point are the major places for relaxing and entertainment.

Other than that, we have the mosque of the founder of Pakistan, Qauid-e-Azam. There are also nice shopping malls, here. They are, Paktowers, Forum, and Millennium, where all the teenagers hang out with their friends. They have small café where people and sit and relax and a play area for the kids. Besides that there are other shopping places such as, Tariq road, sadder and women paradise known as Gulf. As far as food is concerned, Karachi is the heart winner of a million of people, with the food it serves. And it is famous for its spicy food. Amazing food can be found at places like Village, Bar b q, Salt n Pepper. Karachi is a very happening place, which has something for everything.
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It is clifton,quid_e_azam,s toms I can visit
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People might have heard a lot about Karachi but some don't know that this is one of the best places that you can visit and enjoy in Karachi. The tourist attraction there in the city will always make you come again and enjoy the awesome places. Here are some of the best places that you can prefer to visit in Karachi.

1. Mazar-e-Quaid

2. Do Darya

3. Mohatta Palace

4. Churna Island

5. PAF Museum

6. Arabian Sea Country Club

7. Pakistan Maritime Museum

8. Port Grand

9. Ibn-e-Qasim Park

10. Karachi Zoo

If you are travelling to Karachi this time then make sure that you will never miss visiting these places. You find even find the best travel discounts at coupons websites which will help you in getting a better discount on your bookings anytime.

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Pakistan is just like heaven for tourists. It is full of beautiful places full of greenery high mountains flowing beautiful rivers and lakes; all you have to do is just to visit those places. First thing for tourist is to get a map of Pakistan, as it will help full and make your whole tour easy.

If we talk about the city of lights" Karachi", it's just full of fun and enjoyment. Here you can find each and every thing for very high to very low class. About Karachi it's famous that it's never sleep and that's true about it. If you want to enjoy you day at cool and calm beach you can go to "paradise point" "Hawks bay". In Karachi there are so many shopping plazas, you can enjoy shopping there as well. Shopping plaza's is: gulf shopping mall, zamzama,if you want some thing at low price.

You can go to Zainab market, Bohrii Bazaar. The entire item, from all house hold item up till dresses you will find all kind of stuff over there. Ashiyana, is a shopping center you can here you can fine good variety of different dresses. You can also find some good fabric stuff at Tariq road .apart from shopping if you want to go for dinner or want something good to eat, you can do to boat basin, you will find some very good Restaurants that are typically famous for there Sea food. If you want some spicy and some delicious food you can go to Village Restaurant in Clifton.
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Karachi world 18th largest city the by its population. Karachi is provincial capital of Sindh. There is large number of tourist attractions in Karachi city, the Clifton beach,Hawksbay,Paradise Point, Aladin amuzment Park,Hill park etc.

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