What Is The Shortest Driving Route From Akron Oh To Boston MA?


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1) Take I-76 EAST to I-80 EAST. This will be a seamless connection.
2) Take I-80 EAST to I-79 NORTH to ERIE at EXIT 19B.
3) Take I-79 NORTH to I-90 EAST to BUFFALO at EXIT 178A.
4) In New York, I-90 is the New York State Thruway (toll).
5) Continue following the thruway and look for signs for the Massachusetts Turnpike to BOSTON.
6) You will then eventually at EXIT 21A TO I-90 EAST to MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE to BOSTON.
7) In Massachusetts the I-90 becomes the Massachusetts Turnpike (toll). Stay on the turnpike to Boston.
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The shortest distance is about 1,031 km  and it takes about 10 hours 11 mins by car .

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