Can A Mother Take The Children Abroad For A Holiday Without The Father's Permission?


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I sighned the passport for my 15 month old daughter to go for a visit with her mum and her two boys to visit there dad in the uk...however we are currently going through a rough patch....the visit is only discussed before I sighned for one longer.  In the past few weeks our arguements haven gotten worse....because they get so heated she has threaten to not come back..I'm worried that might happen after she gets there....what can I do...and is that concidered kidnapping if she doesnt return after the due date back......
If it was her turn to have them & they enjoyed themselves and were returned in should be happy for the cultural experience they rec'd dear...‚ô•nassy
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I think the real question here is not how did she take them but why didn't she make YOU pay for the trip. Maybe if you had shelled out the cash, you would be happy they got to go abroad...heck, next time, have her ask me and we can all go ~ once I teach her WHO is suppose to pay ~
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My duaghter of 15 months is going to visit her friends and family for one month.....she keeps saying in our arguments she might live there ....I give conscent for her to take her two boys for one month so her boys can c there biological dad but am worried she wont return...what can I do if this happens...would that be considered as kidnapping..
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No. She Can not. Due to 9-11 to obtain a passport with a minor child BOTH
PARENTS MUST SIGN the papers in order to achieve the "Said" passport.
If she goes without a passport then can be charged for an "International

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