Where Does My Last Name Amaro Comes From, And How Far Back In History It Comes?


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Amaro comes from Italy...it has ties with Boscoreale (Naples, Italy) and Sicily. My great grandmother has surname Amaro. My father told me she was from Sicily, but after research that surname is also found in Boscoreale. It was a very well-known names in the 10th century.
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Where are you from?  My mother's maiden name is Amaro.
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Jesus Amaro
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I'm from Mexico, but I want to know where the last name Amaro comes from, Amaro is my last name
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I asked my mom and she told that it comes from Italy. Apparently there is a big wine company in Italy with the name Amaro. My grandparents are from Mexico. My paternal grandparents are from Cohuila and my maternal grandfather Adres Amaro is from Durango. How Amaro made it's way to Mexico I don't know. But my last name is Reyes
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I am a great grandaughter of the Amaro family in Manuabo Pr...Canuto Amaro was my great grandfather...Angel Amaro was my great uncle.
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I am Sanchez -Amaro. Amaro on my mothers side and I am from Maunabo PR in the part of the town called La Pica. My granfather was a tall brown skinned man named Cristobal Amaro. My one of my uncles was named Angel Amaro.
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According to the Amaro surname in Manuabo Puerto Rico, the Amaro family there originated from Italy.
They are very dark skin Italians, I am a great great grandaughter of the Amaro family from Manaubo.
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I'm amaro and I'm from maunabo puerto rico where taino indian they were the one that lived there long a go along with the spaniards

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