How Far Back Can I Trace My Family History?


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Realistically most people will only manage to trace their ancestors back to the 1700's if they are lucky. Some will even struggle to get back earlier than the start of the 1800's.

However records are available before the introduction of 1837 civil registration and the early census of 1841 by using parish records which do still exist in some areas from as far back as 1538.

If you are successful in getting back as far as 1538 and want to go further the task will prove extremely difficult because apart from royalty there are not many records available. A very small number do manage to go back to 1066 but these are usually descended from gentry and wealthy landowners.

By the time you get back to the 16th century you will already have thousands of ancestors with many different branches to your Family Tree. Unless you have the good fortune to be well connected it will be difficult.
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I have managed to trace my tree back to 1598, so I should count myself lucky, but being one of great curiosity, I want to go as far as I can go, if I can trace it to the 1300's then I will be happy.

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