How Are The Structure And Functioning Of State Legislatures Similar To The United States Congress?


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Basically, the function of a State Legislature is the same as the Congress as it is responsible for making important decisions on a state basis in the same way the Congress will make key decisions at a federal level for the whole country. The structure will vary from one state to the next but some states have a bi-cameral structure like the Congress. This means many State Legislatures will also have a House of Representatives and a Senate - which is also the same structure that is performed in Congress. The only exception to this is Nebraska where there is only one house that consists of 49 members who have no affiliations to any parties.

Each State Legislature is also divided into three branches of government in the same way as Congress- judicial, legislative and executive. The functions at a state level are largely the same as they would be at a federal level. For example:

- Judicial- This allows judges in different states to interpret laws. The law of your state will also determine whether citizens are able to vote to select their judges or not.
- Legislative- The State Legislatures will enforce laws that have been made at a federal level and apply them to the state. Just as is done at a federal level, an official is elected to represent the upper (Senate) and lower houses (the House of Representatives).

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