How Many Hotels Are There In London?


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No one know the correct number, but you can find some reference.
Try search, you will find your answer. I have searched this site for you and the search result is 1419 hotels.
Because this site find the result by search 30+ hotel booking sites at once, this number can be truested.
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There are more than 700 hotels in London and all of them vary in pricing with respect to the location and how well connected the hotel is to the main areas and attraction of the city. The most popular among the hotels are the Chiswick Moran Hotel, Park Inn Hyde Park, Enterprise Hotel, Shaftesbury Premier London Hyde Park, Radisson SAS Portman Hotel, Crowne Plaza London - Shoreditch  and Shaftesbury Premier London Hyde Park. You can find more on the hotels in Londonhere.
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Egerton House Hotel,The Nadler Victoria,The Milestone Hotel,Amba Hotel Charing Cross,The Gorin

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