Are there hidden cameras in hotel rooms?


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I stayed in Nigeria in the 1980s, when the country was under martial law.

I stayed at (what was probably) the nicest hotel in Lagos at the time.

On one occasion, I had to call out an electrician to my place of work, he arrived, did a good job, and in the course of normal conservation said that what he mainly worked on were security cameras.

I assumed he was talking about those street corner things, or those used at vulnerable commercial premises.

But he wasn't. He was talking about hidden cameras in hotels, including the one I was staying at.

(He did at least reassure me that they were all on one floor and that specific visitors were deliberately placed in "monitored" rooms if they were considered to be likely to be doing something subversive.)

I was obviously thought not important enough to be given such a room.

Margaret Thatcher stayed briefly at that hotel while I was there, I wonder whether her room was bugged and/or under surveillance, or whether MI6 swept her room for such things.

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None that I've ever seen in the U.S. Other countries maybe. Good answer here from Quora:

No - there are NO cameras in any hotel rooms (30 years in hospitality experience talking here). That is against numerous privacy laws.
A lot of hotels do not even want cameras in the corridors. Cameras often imply a level of security that doesn't really exist - like you are safer because you are being watched - but the key difference is watched vs recorded. Most times, it's just recorded and not actively being monitored / watched.

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If there was I sure as HECK better be getting some sort of profit off of the ones I have stayed at!!!! LOLOLOLOL!

All joking aside..... I seriously hope not!

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LOL! Like I said.... we truly are related! :0)
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Its so funny you said that cuz I use to wonder and check out the nooks and crannies just to make sure..... then I realized how tiny they make cameras anymore and tell myself..... Welp they will never see my face again anyways! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!
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LOL! Me to my friend! Me to! :0)
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Isn't it against privacy laws to have a hidden camera in a hotel? I'm pretty sure there are no cameras, at least in rooms. Otherwise, it would be easy to sue and win a case against the hotel. I mean, there's nothing wrong with having a security system like and fire detection just in case, but hidden cameras are too much. Probably, some hotels have that and notify their visitors about it, but I doubt that many people would like to stay in a hotel like that.

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