What Is The Time Difference Between GMT And UT?


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That was probably the worst answer I have seen to any question ever. UT is not Utah, it is Universal Time.

GMT is the old time reference of the Greenwich observatory but it was replaced in the 1970s by UT (or more correct UTC). UTC is a more modern and more exact time reference that uses leap seconds at irregular intervals to compensate for an irregular rotation by the earth. GMT and UTC are similar but often differs a few tenth of a seconds. If you are not so bothered about exactness on a level of seconds, UTC and GMT are practically the same but as a general reference, GMT should not be used in texts. Instead use UT or UTC.  In few parts of the world where it is still popular to use inches, feet, miles and stones as measures, they also seem to hang on to the old GMT.
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7 or 6 hours, depends on time of year.

GMT=Greenwich Mean Time. Britain is in this time zone.

When Utah is not on Daylight Savings Time, the time difference is 7 hours. When Utah goes on daylight savings time (summer months), the difference is 6 hours.

In summer Britain also changes the clocks, changes from GMT to British summer time. This happens about the same time that Utah goes to daylight savings time. Utah and Britain also set their clocks back about the same times of the year, too. Hence the time difference between Utah and Britain tends to stay constant at 7 hours, most of the year.

The only times the difference isn't 7 hours is for a few weeks in from mid to late March when Utah moves its clocks, and Britain hasn't, yet. And again in late October when Britain changes back to GMT but Utah stays on daylight savings time for another week or so.
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UT can also mean "Universal Time", which is the equivalent of GMT only instead of basing the actual passing of time by observing the sun an atomic clock is used.

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