What Are The 8 Major Departments In Hotel?


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S.M Edward , Hotel Major Departments, answered

The major departments in hotel industry are

  1. Front Office Department
  2. Housekeeping Department
  3. Engineering Department
  4. Accounting Department
  5. Human Resource Department
  6. Security Department
  7. Food and Beverage Department
  8. Maintenance Department

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Hanery Kroze , em, answered

Departments In Hotel:

Food and Beverage,Sales and marketing,Accounting,Human Resources,Room division,Engineering (maintenance),

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LucasR. Henry answered

1. Housekeeping

2. Engeneering

3. Front desk

4. Accounting

5. Banquet

6. Food and beverages

7. Human resources

8. Maintenance

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The necessary 8 major departments in the hotel are Housekeeping, front
office, Accounting, Human Resource, Security department, Maintenance,
Food and Beverage etc. In many hotel mostly follow these department. 

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Front OfficeReservationsHousekeepingRestaurantRoom Service Accounting & Finance Sales & Marketing Maintenance & Engineering Above I mentions some few major department in Las Vegas Hotels

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