What Are The Contributions Of Egyptian Civilization?


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Egypt is located in northeast and southwest Asia, Africa, Asia, Africa and Europe for the three states transportation rush. 1, about BC to 33 years, egyptians invented word. Egypt pictographic writing is the earliest, or graphic characters. After constant development and improvement, and gradually formed a kind of use letters, notes and phrases of text. A word, it is possible to put large circulating in oral works of literature on the record and preserved. 2, the ancient egyptians paper writing (note: Cursive papyrus is down to Egypt on the side of the Nile river. First specialties of papyrus reeds stem to strip, again aligned links and finally planish dried paper). . Write good papyrus, rolled up with cord, so as to preserve. This paper has long have short grass volume, some works of 10 meters to the manuscript was several meters, the ancient literary works is that many of the preserved.

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