What Did Early Egyptian Civilization Mainly Depended On?


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The early Egyption civilization thrived along the bank of Nile River in northeastern Africa. The Ancient Egypt grew and developed for more than 3,000 years. The start of this civilization is marked from about 3300 BC and it is calculated to have continued till 30 BC. The early Egyptian civilization is considered to have been the longest-lived civilization of the ancient world.
IN geographic terms, the term ancient Egypt refers to the land or the territory that lies in the valley and delta of the river Nile. This is where the ancient Egyptians lived. In cultural terms, it refers to the lifestyles of ancient Egyptians, that is, their way of speaking, religion and worship, politics, their government, their professions, entertainment, food etc.
The early Egyptian civilization mainly depended on agriculture. It was mainly because of the river Nile which kept the lands fertile and awarded the ancient Egyptian farmers with rich bounty. The water of the river Nile left the land really fertile and it was the source of a lot of grain, vegetable, and fruit that were grown by the Egyptian farmers on this fertile land. Two of the most important crops grown on this land were Emmer and barley. Emmer is a type of wheat. Both these crops were then used for making bread and beer. After the harvest of crops, the fertile lands still remained green and lush and the cattle got their food from it. The cattle served as sources of milk and meat and other dairy products.
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Early Egyptian civilizations were gifted with fertile region of Nile Valley, which encouraged the people to plough four crops a year. They became agriculturist and later on exported the crops to other regions because they had good harbour.They travelled from one place to other harbouring goods.

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