Where In France Is Côtes-d'Armor?


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Côtes-d'Armor is a department in the region of Brittany, which is located in northwestern France.

History of Côtes-d'Armor Côtes-d'Armor was originally known as Côtes-du-Nord, meaning 'coast of the North' or 'North coast' in French. In 1990 the name was changed to Côtes-d'Armor, with 'ar mor' being 'the sea' in Breton (the original Celtic language of Brittany). Côtes-d'Armor was originally one of the 83 departments created during the French Revolution.

Climate and Geography Like the rest of Brittany, Côtes-d'Armor has a pretty warm, wet climate that can reach temperature highs of 86 °F in the summer months. Due to all the sun and frequent rainfall, Brittany is relatively green in most places.
With the English Channel to the North, Côtes-d'Armor is a popular tourist destination due to its clean, sandy beaches.
If you want an idea of what Côtes-d'Armor  looks like, the following video shows the department as filmed from the air. It's pretty breathtaking to see.

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The French phrase Cote D'Amour literally translates into English as the Coast of Love. It indicates the fringe of the Loire-Atlantique littoral. It is located to the north of the Loire. Loire-Atlantique is translated into a local dialect (called Breton) as Liger-Atlantel. It is a department in France. It is located in the area of the Loire known as the Pays area.

The number given to it according to the classification of French departments is number 44. The city of Nantes is the prefecture of the department of Loire-Atlantique. It is located in the province of Brittany. It is, in fact, one of the five departments in the province of Brittany.

The Loire is a river that is 1, 012 kilometres in length. It is also known as the River Leger or Leir in Occitan, the Lere in Francoprovencal and the Liger in Breton. It has a basin that covers a total surface area of approximately 117, 000 square kilometres.

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