Describe The Social Nature Of Travel?


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Nobody else seems to be asking this question online. It's quite a specialist topic and is perhaps related to tourism of some form. What I can say, however, is that this seems to be a question from academia - and if this is the case then I have some suggestions for you.

  • Use your text books

If you are trying to answer an academic question, you are going to have to use your textbook. This is a specialist topic that requires specialist information, and you will obtain this specialist information by using your textbooks. Your textbooks will either have been provided to you, or recommended at the beginning of the year. You should have your text books, either way. Once you've found out what topic you are studying, you should make sure that you use your text book throughout the course. This means that you can back up everything you learn in class with what you learn in your textbook. Using the textbook not only allows you to learn better but it also means that you are better able to answer questions like 'describe the social nature of travel'.

  • Ask your teachers

Your teachers are there to provide you with the best education possible, and to ensure that you understand what you have to do at all times. Hence, if you are ever having any trouble (no matter what area of your studies) you can always talk to your teacher about it. Your teacher will always be there to assist you, so don't be afraid to ask. You must remember that your teacher understands everything about the course you are studying, and will hence be able to answer near enough any question that you have to ask. Always stay alert in class, use your textbooks and contact your teachers if you ever have anything to ask - and you'll be fine.

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