Can You Describe The Natural Beauty Of The Hunza Valley In Pakistan?


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Hunza Valley seems to be a part of paradise on earth. A very large area of the valley is covered with green fields. Fruit trees are abundant. The travelers meet the beautiful trees of apricots, plums, peaches and apples at the way-side. These trees are allowed to grow to enormous sizes without pruning. A splendid panorama of snowy peaks is presented in all directions. The best of these is Rakaposhi and Bakotchish. Several glaciers spread down from the Barkotchish Mountain presenting a bewitching scene.

The view of Rakaposhi from Maiun is most attractive. The completely snow-covered high mountain tops from a board skyline. Lower down the slopes are small patches of green fields. In the foreground stand brown-coloured, vertical cliffs. Massive glaciers can also be seen hanging down from huge mountains. Beneath them run foaming streams. Here and there small aqueducts are lined with trees. They diverge from the streams and flow to the irrigated fields in the valley. Thus every scene of the valley is a treat for the eyes.

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