Sample on how to make a invitation letter from japan guarantor?


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As the wording of the question is a little ambiguous, it is assumed from your phrasing that you require some guidance in constructing an invitation letter for visa purposes for entry to Japan.

For a foreign traveler visiting relatives or on commercial business in Japan for 90 days or less, a letter of invitation from a guarantor in the country is required to obtain a temporary visitor visa for their stay. This would likely need to come from a relative or colleague in Japan. Furthermore, if the guarantor is to pay the expenses of the visitor for this trip, a letter of guarantor is also required for the visa application to confirm this.

Templates for a letter of invitation and a letter of guarantee can be found at the following website - Both forms need to be completed by the guarantor, i.e. A Japanese resident responsible for the visitor. The forms are very straightforward to complete, requiring simply name and address details and information regarding the purpose of the trip. Both forms should be sent complete with the visa application to the Japanese consulate in your country.

If you are a visitor to Japan for a different purpose, i.e. Student, journalist, lawyer etc, you must apply for a different visa.

Visitors to Japan from the US or other countries with a reciprocal visa exemption arrangement may be able to enter the country without a visa; this is worth checking with your embassy.

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