How To Write A Letter To Embassy For Tourist Visa?


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If you want a tourist visa, you do not have to write to the Embassy to get one, you can apply directly to whichever country it is that you want to visit. You can do this online, or by contacting the appropriate Embassy by telephone in order to get the right forms to fill in.

Each country will have its own rules that you must declare that you will abide by whilst you are there, and each country will have its own criteria that you must meet before you will be granted a tourist visa.

For example, someone who wanted to visit the UK, and who needed a visa (members of the EU do not), would have to declare that their stay in Britain would not exceed six months; that they would not take up any employment while they were in the country, and that they were able to support themselves financially while they were there. This last stipulation has to be proven before a tourist visa will be granted.

The application for a tourist visa to the UK has five stages. The first is a detailed assessment of the person’s personal circumstances. After this will come the pre-application stage, in which all the necessary documents have to be submitted and authenticated. The next stage involves the applicant filling in the tourist visa application, and then, obviously, submitting it. The final stage is the notification of the outcome of the application, which if everything has been completed satisfactorily, there will be no problem.

If the country that you want to visit is the UK, the site to visit is, and the number to call is 0203 432 7961. You will be guided through each stage of your application so that the process will be an easy one, with no reason to write any letters.

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