What Is One Strength You See In The Current U.S. Health Care System?


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There are many things you could say that are good about the US health care system, but ultimately it comes down to personal opinion and politics. So for one, the United States actually has one of the best medical research systems in the whole world. Researchers from famous institutions like Harvard Medical School, the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic are known all over the world for the advances that they are currently making in the world of medicine. This is largely because of the free-market systems that operates in the United States.

For the people that have careers with some great benefits and for the people that can just afford it, some American insurance plans are the best in the world, too. Further advantages of the current US system include the fact that the tax payers do not have to pay for the expense that is associated with providing medical care to the millions of people that need it. It seems that people in the US enjoy the fact that they do not have to pay for other people to benefit and will only have to pay if they fall victim to some kind of problem themselves.

The costs of health care in the United States are higher than any other country in the world, and naturally that means is some kind of tax was introduced to the people to pay for the cost of the system then there would be mass dissent. The cost on the tax payers would be huge and it seems that most of the American people would actually not agree to paying such a large amount of money in taxes. With organizations like the Tea Party becoming popular, a move like this would not be welcomed - nor would it ever happen due to the system of making law in the country.
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It helps the richer American to do as he or she pleases. Unlike in Britain, where a state health system which goes alongside private referrals, there is a huge drugs and healthcare business model in America where any professionals (including some of dubious credentials) can take out paid advertising in various forms of media. It encourages a free market with government legislation, but ultimately there are several changes that need to be made to give a parity over people of all walks of life. This was the founding principle of the National Health Service, an initiative of the 1945 Labour government and the Health Minister Aneurin Bevan who resigned in 1953 when it was discovered that his idea of free, state-funded universal healthcare was not a viable option in post-war, rationing Britain. The U.S. Has one of the best medical research systems in the world, publishing thousands of papers a year to international journals and being sponsored by large pharmaceutical companies to file reports and investigations into new drugs. Sterm Cell research and embryo genetic modification, with strict laws under President Bush, is flourishing under Democratic control. Researchers from institutions such as Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic are world-renowned for the advances they are making in medicine, largely because of the current free-market system. Taxpayers do not bear the expense associated with providing medical insurance to every single person, with less grumbling among the middle classes in America for people who abuse the system. Many people argue that tax money would take funding away from education and national security to fund a new health care system, but many lobby groups are in existance to ensure funding reaches the health sector
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The strength of the US health care system is that it gives its citizens access to one of the best medical facilities, doctors and other human resources, treatment and technologies of the world. It also is a source of employment for many and the sector generates more new job opportunities than any other sector in the US economy.
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