Can You List And Describe One Of The Challenges Facing The U.S. Health Care System?


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Some of the challenges facing the health care system in the US are as follows:
·   The firms in the industry are finding it more difficult day by day to balance their costs, broad access and quality. It is becoming more and more difficult for both private and public firms to increase their coverage as this requires increased investment which will drive up the costs. Increasing the coverage also means that the quality of health care will also be variable and it will be difficult to control and monitor the quality. If the firms are unable to maintain quality then it will be a threat to people’s health and may draw criticism and even punishment.
·   There is poor communication between various health care providers that are treating the same patients. This means that if the patients are getting help from various health care providers then there is a lack of proper communication and the patient’s history is dispersed. So the challenge is to integrate data and become more efficient.
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One of the biggest challenges is the cost of everything.
It is getting way to expensive for people, thus many do not get treatment right away.
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cost is biggest challenges.

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