Is Buying Food Expensive In Nigeria? Also How Much Money Is 100 Usd Worth In Nigeria?


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You will get around 13675 Naira (Nigerian Currency) in return for just 100 US dollars. Food in Nigeria is expensive for the local people, as examples consider a fact that a 50kg sack of millet costs $38(approximately 6000 Naira), a sack of maize costs $51(almost 7000 Naira). The average income of Nigerian is almost $ 1000 per year. So you can see buying food in Nigeria is a problem because it is expensive especially if you get paid in Naira’s.
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$100 is currently worth N15,000. Food may be expensive if you are in big cities like Lagos and Abuja. However, you can get a good meal for N200 ($1.5) and so for a day 600($5) will be enough in Lagos

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