What Is An Itinerary Used For When Travelling?


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An itinerary lists down a travel or a tour programme in advance. It essentially sets out the travel schedule prior to the actual travel is undertaken. This helps in organising activities well in advance; thereby ensuring that time is not wasted due to unscheduled or unplanned actions. An itinerary, prepared much ahead of actual travel, is generally circulated to the people with whom meetings or discussions are proposed to be undertaken. This ensures adequate preparation from both sides, thereby guaranteeing productive usage of time. A lack of an itinerary invariably results in last minute actions that result in severe wastage of time in the form of cancelled meetings or attending discussions without proper homework.

An itinerary for a person undertaking a travel also ensures prior reservation of accommodation facilities. This helps the person in concentrating more on the planned activities and not on logistical support during travel.
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Creating the perfect travel itinerary
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1.Create an
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3.Add In Your Activities 4.Leave Time for

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