Describe the source-make-deliver-return relationships in the following system an airline?


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Source-make-deliver-return, is a process method used by many production businesses to show how they produce and how quickly they produce their products. The term is also known as SCOR (Supply- Chain Operations Reference).

SCOR is a process starting with the supplier to the customer providing the best customer services and meeting customers demands. SCOR's main focuses are; customer interaction, starting with the order through to completion and payment of the invoice; product transactions, from your supplier to your customer's customer, these include physical transactions and material; all market interactions, which includes understanding demands and to be sure all orders are fulfilled.

It is a simple step-by-step process that was developed by the management consulting company PRTM and was supported by the SCC (Supply Chain Council). This process is used in many large and small industries including the airline industry.

SCOR is based on the following 5 management processes:

• Plan - A plan of action is needed, what materials to use, timescales and budgets to follow.
• Source - Where to obtain materials from and the workforce.
• Make - The process that transforms the product to its final stage.
• Deliver - Processes that provide the finished goods and transportation to deliver
• Return - Processes in place to return and receive goods for whatever reason.

There are three different levels of SCOR, this one being level one, 'configuration or type of supply chain'. There is more information on the Internet regarding these processes.

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