How far from Nova Scotia to Stafford, UK?


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Nova Scotia and Stafford UK is approximately 136 miles away from each other. The travel time between the 2 locations is about 2 hours and 32 minutes.  If you will be traveling by car, here is the directions to follow from Nova Scotia to Stafford UK:

  • First, you will head to Nova Scotia's Pl's northwest, towards Merchants Road.
  • Turn left to Merchants Road and stay left onto Cumberland Road which only a mile distance.
  • From Cumberland Road, turn right to Commercial Road and stay on the right until you reach Bedminster Bridge Roundabout.
  • At Bedminster Bridge Roundabout, take the first exit to Redcliff Hill. At Redcliff Way, take the third exit onwards the Redcliff Way.
  • When you reach Temple Circus Gyratory, make sure to take the second exit onto the Temple Way. Continue to follow this road until Newfoundland St.
  • Turn right onto Newfoundland St and continue onto M32. When you see signs for London, M5, or M4, take the exit onto M4 towards M5.
  • When you reach junction 20, take the exit onto M5 that goes to Gloucester. The road will then merge with M6.
  • Take the exit on M6. When you reach junction 13, take the exit at A449 that goes to Stafford.
  • At the roundabout, be sure to take the third exit on A449 that heads to Stafford.
  • After that, continue onto Wolverhampton Road. Stay to the right of the road as you continue on following A34. Stay on the left until you find a fork.
  • Take a slight left on Queensway and then take another left onto S Walls.
  • Continue on until Mill Bank and then you have reached Stafford UK.

This is just one of the common routes taken when traveling from Nova Scotia to Stafford UK. There are other routes that you can also take; all you need is a map to have an overview of all the possible roads and route you can use.

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