How Far To Nottingham From Cheshire?


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The total distance between Nottingham and Cheshire is 79 miles. Cheshire is a well known county situated towards the North Western region of England. The county town consists of quite a few towns like Congleton, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn, Macclesfield, Norwich, Warrington and Wilmslow.

Cheshire shares its land borders with Merseyside and Great Manchester towards the north, with Derbyshire towards the east, with Staffordshire and Shropshire towards the south and with Flintshire and Wrexham in Wales towards the west. The main religion followed in this region was Christianity and as of 2001, nearly 81% of the people residing in this county were Catholics.

According to the census conducted in the year 2001, the total area of Cheshire was estimated to be 2,343 square kilometres. As of the year 2005, the total population of this region was said to be 993,200.

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