Delhi or Mumbai - which is the better city to re-locate to from London?


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Jacinthe Milton answered
It depends upon your lifestyle.
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Arun Bera answered
Hey charlie, becz I live in delhi and rised here so I should prefer delhi, you know its the capital of all states of india, every active gov. Activity runs here, comp. Police protection, every thing avalable here... Natural calamity occour ones a century... Safe from flood which is very common on mumbai(rains fallsmaily happen there), tem. Is always like romance session, and finaly you will get  a cool friend here whom answer you r reading so seriously ha ha. Wish you a lovely journey in future! Have a lovely day friend!
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Ray Dart answered
All large Indian cities are crazy.
Delhi is (slightly) less crazy than Mumbai - Bangalore is slightly less crazy than both. Smaller towns like Pondicherry or Mangalore are still pretty daft but much easier to live with than the big cities.

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