What's The Best Way To See Iceland?


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Julii Brainard answered
Depends a lot on yourself. Do you like to experience the outdoors with your whole body, or do you prefer your creature comforts?

You can hire a car in Iceland, drive around and stay in B+Bs (or hotels) like any where else. Eat out in restaurants, too, but it will be very very expensive. Most things are quite dear in Iceland. That won't take away from the spectacular scenary, of course.

But an awful lot of visitors opt for camping. And cycle touring and camping is one of the best ways of all to see the country. You have to be prepared for the elements, but there's nothing to beat experiencing the landscape through all of your senses.

Otherwise, a few tips. Change your money in Iceland (when arriving and before leaving), they'll give you better rates there than outside the country. Also, bring as much gourmet food as custom regulations allow; only the most basic staples are a reasonable price. And plan for variable weather.
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I guess it depends on your passion, mentality
and how much  you enjoy of the outdoor activities(Hiking, camping,
fishing, enjoying natural scene).

You may enjoy some of the Iceland's more
popular location- Geysir, northern lights, and Blue Lagoon which approximately
a few minute drive from the capital Reykjavík.

It’s hard to tell exactly one location but you
will feel real Island and full of fun- that's the sure!

So go wherever you like in Iceland and feel
the nature in real time..:)

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