What Is The Basis For Gradation Of Hotels As Five Star?


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Five Star ratings denote the ultimate in luxury and as such when one selects a five star hotel one is choosing the best that there is on offer. However hotel ratings can be a confusing and sometimes misleading proposition for the uninformed tourist and as such are based on certain standards which may vary greatly from country to country and culture to culture.

Efforts are on to maintain a global standard with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) taking the initiative in this regard.

The main factors that are considered before assigning a Five Star grade to a hotel are first and foremost food and service followed by the quality of accommodation and the variety of amenities on offer. Other factors include the location and setting of the hotel, the views that it offers and of course the ambiance.

Five Star hotels offer all the above along with extra services like extra large rooms, exquisite food and drink, fine service (24 hours) and in room facilities all go a long way in determining whether a hotel deserves a Five Star rating or not. A number of London hotels (51 to be exact) are graded as Five Star and offer the very best in luxury.
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Quality and consistency of service is the number one differentiator between true 5-starluxury hotels and others. The hospitality industry is a tough one, often plagued by high employee turnover, so it's no small feat for a hotel to be able to deliver consistently at a high level and to recruit and retain the people that deliver on the hotel's brand promise.

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The hotel gradation or the rating system is used to classify
the hotels according to their quality. It’s a way to ascertain the hotel’s
overall quality. The hotel rating system should be varying from country to country.  Each country has its own way to measure the quality and marked as single star (*) to five star (*****).  Star rating is the most commonly used gradation system in the world.  The facilities provided by each rating is varies from low to high.

1 - Star (*) hotels: The single star hotel provides a limited range of       facilities and services and is suitable for budget minded tourists.

2 - Star (**) hotels:  Provides higher level of comfort than the single star hotels.

3 – Start (***) hotels: Provides a very good services and facilities to tourists.

4 – Start (****) hotels:  Provides a refined and stylish accommodation for
the tourists.

5 – Star (*****) hotels:Provides the luxury facilities and good services.

Kerala is the famous tourist spot in India and also in all over the world. There are lots of sites available to know the ratings and the prices of hotels in Kerala. Its very helpful for the tourist to pick the best one.

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basic gradation as a five-star Hotel can be found by extra services exquisite food and drink, VIP treatment, luxury rooms,  it comes to you as joy. It will open a new place in your hearts, a place where visitors can be welcomed with enthusiasm.

more about Quality and consistency of service.                 

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