Has Anyone Ever Driven From Jacksonville, Florida To New York City, NY? Or From Fl To NY? How Many Hours Does It Take?


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I have driven from lake placid ny to daytona, fla many times. However, I have never driven straight through without stopping. Usually, I drive 13 to 14 hours, spend the nigte in s. Carolina, and continue the next morning. Its another 10 hours to daytona. Jacksonville, being in the panhandle of florida, may be a shorter drive. My guess is if your driving straight through with someone else, your looking at approx. 20 hours.
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From Manhattan to Jacksonville take's 17 to 24 hours driving straight through , travel times are affected by your departure time ie,rushhour traffic zones , and how often and long your stops are as they add up fast. And if you have a heavy gas pedal foot. And the weather- construction zones.. Go with 22 hours , shorter times are possible if you push the pedal and yourself to the limits. A few hours is not worth the stress or someones life

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