How Far Is It From Jacksonville, FL To Daytona, FL?


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Bobby Ramsey answered
Hi! The answer to your question in miles, according to Mapquest, is 95 miles. The answer in hours is an estimated 1 hour 33 minutes. So you're looking at a fairly short drive.

Here's a tip: Daytona is actually called Daytona Beach, FL, that's the name of the town, so if you ask around for "Daytona", especially on Mapquest, you won't get an answer.

You have two choices for highways. The fast route is I - 95 South, which goes directly from Jax to Daytona Beach. That's your best bet. However, in the case of traffic or an accident or something on the interstate, you can also take US - 1 South, wihch is almost a straight shot but goes through St. Augustine and is a little closer to the beach for the first half of the trip. 1 - 95 is closer to the ocean on the second half of the trip.

Fill up your tank in Jax or around St. Augustine, because it's pretty barren between there and Daytona Beach.

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