How Does The Internet Help The Travel And Tourism Sector?


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Tourism is regarded as one of UK's most important industries and a large employer. In Scotland, for example, it pays the wages of more people than the oil, gas and whisky industries put together.

Without a doubt the biggest sea-change in recent years has been brought about by the internet. Today, from the smallest B&B operator to the largest hotel chains all have to make their mark on the web to survive. In some sectors of the hospitality sector 80 per cent or more of their bookings are generated from online enquiries. The importance of the internet, therefore, cannot be underestimated.

The biggest influences in the development of the internet for the travel and tourism sector have been the ability of consumers to research, compare and book online 24 x 7 without relying on a travel agent. As the concept of online shopping matures each year, more and more people are travelling independently.

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