Do You Like Living In Your State?


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I'm in California and we have everything, literally. Although i would have to say if my wife wanted i would move as i have been here all my life and would like the change if only for a while. But from what i have seen. California is the best since we have everything all the time it just takes a short drive to do whatever you want.
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I love Alaska, with all my heart! There isn't a better place to be for me, as there is so much to see, and so much to do. Fishing, camping, hiking, boating, white water, trains, the Iditarod, carnival, fair, flying, whale watching, sooo much more, like the wildlife, walking up to your doorstep, and the skiing, and the vastness of everything.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
I wish you could see the tundra in the fall. I'll have to send you some pictures sometime.
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I'm soooo jealous!!! WOW answer.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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You might not think wow when the temperatures get to below freezing in the winter time sometimes. It is peaceful though.
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I was doing fine right here in Georgia, and then I read the answer from tiggersmom. Now, I hate Ga. And want to move to Alaska....TODAY!!!
yesenia delgadillo Profile
I LOVE TEXAS!! I like the hot summers and not so cold winters!!
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Chris ???? answered
I no doubt detest the state I reside in. North Carolina that is. I would love to call New york or Washington my home.
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troy johnston answered
I live in delavan wi and it is so boring i miss Chicago so bad
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moodie madd answered
I love where I live, well the state I live in. We have such beautiful mountains. We also have lot of outdoor sports. Hiking, biking, river rafting, skiing, and so much more!
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Pamela Krueger answered
I live in Arizona desert and love it!  I can go to the mountains in 2 hours or over to the Colorado River in three hours.
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Phoebe MadHat answered
California is the shizz. Fruit and sun, trees and beach, generally good weather, though these fires will be the literal death of us... :)

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