What Place You Have Always Dreamed Of Traveling To, But Never Got The Chance To Go?


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My husband and I want to see Ireland so bad, but alas, we can't afford, not even saving. Hey, we should get a loan, lol. I could just imagine going to the bank saying please give us a loan, and they ask what for, then we say to leave the country. Lol
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Jane Snow answered
Eygpt or Rome and Paris and Jerusalem these are some places I would love to go and hope one day I will be able to experienced this.
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Cyndi C. answered
If out of the Country-----Ireland! It seems so pretty, and serine there....A lot of history! Old castles...I think I lived there in another life! Love the Celtic music
and all that...Just a pretty place...There are a lot of places I'd love to see here in our own country, too! Love to see the Sierra Mountains and valley...
And Yellow Stone!
you can call me WOLF Profile
I want to visit Mongolia (and live w/ the native peoples in yurts for a while), Spain, Japan, Yellow Stone, Alaska, Tanzania (my uncle is a missionary priest there), and the Galapagos. I also want to visit all the other countries (EXCEPT WHERE CAMEL SPIDERS LIVE!), but those are at the top of my list.

I have already visited Denmark (Copenhagen; IT WAS SOOO FUN!!!!), the Grand Canyon (HIKING, NOT MULE-ING), New York, Victoria (near Van Couver in Canada), Toronto, and the Philippine Islands (that's where my mom was born!).

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Israel, Italy, France, Ireland...
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Oooh nice :)
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I have a chance to go to israel with a group from church, but it is $4,000>00 and for 2 wks. I don't think i can leave my kids that long- plus the cost.
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I would love to go to Australia, New Zeland, and Israel
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John answered
I would like to be baptized in the jordan river and pray at the wailing wall and then see the all the other sites of the area....
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mike carlsen answered
I've been lucky enough to go to Europe courtesy of uncle sam but i'd love to go to Denmark to see where my grandfather grew up. All the pictures of him in his younger days i look exactly like him, it's freaky ;)
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josh otto answered
I would like to visit rome, china, japan, mount everest, the nile, brazil, australia, russia, amsterdam, france, la, new york, columbia, ect. All over the earth basically :)
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I've already gotten to go to two places Germany and Washington DC.  So now I want to go to Alaska.
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Costa Rica, and now I am getting to go next month.  Rain forests waterfalls, exotic animals and birds and beautiful flowers, Pacific on one side Carribbean on the other. I can't wait!
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Lynne Dwyer answered
I've always wanted to go to the Galgapos Isle. Just to watch the wildlife and marinelife. Or. England. I would love to have access, real access to study the castles there. Being able to see such old history would be a real hoot.
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Ohhh gosh!   Everywhere that I have not been is where I dream of going!! I absolutely love to travel. It is my passion. But to narrow it down I guess I would say, Tibet, the Fjord Lands, Thailand and India. I've been to Spain, many countries in South America, Galapagos.
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I would love to visit Italy for vacation instead of business.  I would like to go Antarctica, but not long term.  I think I belong and come from Ireland, and can't say why. I believe India is where my life's work is.
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K. B. Baldwin answered

I've wanted to visit the Himalaya mountains since reading Kim in grade school. Reading Escape From Kathmandu just sharpened my desire. Unfortunately I have screwed around wasting time and am now 70 and unable to breathe above about 8000 feet. 

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A certain someone, on here, promised me a trip to Scotland. He's going to deliver on that promise, like it or not....OR ELSE. 

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