If You Could Go Any Where In The World Where Would It Be?


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Shirley McLean Profile
Shirley McLean answered
I would be in Paris with my husband. He would have dropped me off at the cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried, with the instructions to "come get me tomorrow." So he would have a day in the museums and all the things he wants to see, and I would spend 24 hours communicating with Jim, and all the people congregated around his headstone (which is a sculpture of his head). I would leave no markings, no litter, just a piece of my soul. And the reason that is where I would want to be is this: Jim Morrison touched my soul, my heart, my spirit when he was alive, and then broke it all a little when he died the "useless death" in Paris.
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Apirl answered
I would be at the beach my favorite place
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n/a n/a answered
I would love to get lost in Sardinia Italy! I hear it is beautiful.
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Mati green answered
I would be HOME in Michigan. I havent been there in 2 years and I miss it, and my family.
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That's a tough question but i would love to go bethelem to see where Jesus was born that would be so neat.
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nerreece love answered
I wouldn't just pick one place there are so many wonderful place to visit. I would like to visit them all. But if I had to choose it would be Jamaica!!!

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