Do Danes believe that Denmark is the happiest country on earth? Why and why not?


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Dan Banks , Not Danish, but still happy. , answered

I wouldn't know what Danes believe - because I'm not Danish, but I do know that the country has been ranked the second most happiest place to live on earth for the fourth consecutive year! According to the list compiled by a company called Legatum, only Norwegians are happier people.

What constitutes happiness?

The Legatum list I mentioned earlier took 89 factors into consideration when measuring how 'happy' a country is. These indicators took into consideration things such as:

  • Economics.
  • Education.
  • Health care.
  • Individual freedoms.
  • Politics and the political system.
  • Feelings of being secure and safe.

The survey also took into consideration questionnaires that were filled out by citizens of the 146 countries that were ranked.

Who knows if this ranking is accurate or whether happiness can even be measured in this way. But one thing is for sure, Denmark would not be a bad place to live.

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