What are the 5 most dangerous places on earth?


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To answer where the most dangerous places in the world are depends entirely on how you are defining danger. Here are a list of places most people would consider very dangerous:

Honduras has the world's highest murder rate, according to a United Nations report which states there are 90.4 murders per 100,000 people in Honduras.

Kabul, Afghanistan bomb attacks on hotels and embassies are unfortunately a regular occurrence, with security forces struggling to maintain order.

Cape Town, South Africa popular with tourists, Cape Town is a city fighting extremely high rates of crime. Muggings are common, and Cape Town is unquestionably one of the most unsafe cities in the world in the evening, particularly for women.

Caracas, Venezuela the capital city is a drug trafficking haven. Robbery and petty crimes are standard fare, and police have little say or ability to control the situation.

Mogadishu, Somalia UN and embassies pulled out of the city in the 1990's following the collapse of the last fully functioning government in 1991. Al Qaeda linked militants have also had a strong presence in the city in recent years.

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