What are some of the most beautiful places on earth?


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I like your comment about water meeting land being magical!  I have had a flick through some of my holiday snaps & my favourites all have an amazing blue sea & sky.  For me, that intense blue is the colour of holidays!

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Melinda Moore
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If I ever holiday somewhere inland that has no lakes, I always feel a bit cheated. There's something intensely calming about being near water - though my preference is to be close to the sea, rather than a lake, as I love the sound of waves - the more dramatic, the better!
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I like Orange Beach,Alabama in USA.It is very beautiful and awesome  place for vacation. Many tourists love to visit this place.

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Plitvice Lakes, Croatia:

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Haha, yes I did presume you meant 'go'! At the moment it's no possible to edit comments, but it would definitely be a useful feature to have. It's on the to-do list ha.
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Those are really beautiful places. Where in the world?
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The Arch in Cabo San Lucas
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Just searched on Google and found this place.


I would definitely like to go here if I get any chance.

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Interesting that most people have posted a picture with a body of water  in it. I guess there's just something magical about when land meets water.

There are plenty of stunning places on this planet, but I'm going to pick Lake Nemi outside Rome, Italy.

It's a lake formed inside a volcanic crater, with a picturesque little town overlooking it - very beautiful and a great place to eat a gelato and chill out on a hot summer's night!

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Heaven Angel , I have no idea, but for me its a quiet and restfull place with not too many people. , answered

Angel falls!!!!

Would love to go there:-)

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There are so many beautiful and wonderful  places  on earth but mine favourite  Orange Beach ,Alabama. Its a beautiful place full of natural beauty views and great destination for fun.

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On earth, There are many beautiful places for travel. But, I would like to suggest you to visit Albany, GA. Because it is very amazing and wonderful location for vacation with family or friends.

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