What are some sights to visit in Norwich, UK?


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Dan Banks , Lived in Norwich for five years., answered

There are a number of great sights to visit in Norwich, but personally my favourite is the Cathedral.

Norwich Cathedral

Work began on the Cathedral in 1096, but the building wasn't completed until 1145. The Cathedral was nearly destroyed just a few years after it was completed in 1169 when the then wooden spire was struck by lighting. Like Norwich castle, the Cathedral is from the Norman period of British history.

The Cathedral has amazing architecture and this is why I believe it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Norwich.

Other great sights to see in Norwich include:

  • Norwich Castle.
  • The Cathedral of St John the Baptist (a different Cathedral to the one I mentioned previously!)
  • City Hall.
  • The Forum.

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Melinda Moore , Writer - irreligious, but a lover of architecture, both ancient and modern.., answered

I'd choose Norwich's "other" cathedral - the Catholic cathedral of St John the Baptist - not for spiritual reasons, as I am not at all religious, but because St John's is less well-known.

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Norwich

Both Norwich's cathedrals are beautiful, but visitors to the city are always guided to the Protestant cathedral, while St John's is generally over-looked. This is shame, both because it has a really lovely atmosphere, and also because of its amazing Gothic revival architecture.

Norwich is spoilt for choice when it comes to interesting architecture, though - as, since some unsympathetic development in the '60s and '70s, there has been a concerted attempt by the local authority to protect and restore the old buildings, and to prevent further inappropriate building.

The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA)

Another of my favourite places to visit in Norwich is the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, at the University of East Anglia.

Designed by the architect, Norman Foster, the SCVA is an gallery, providing a permanent home for the remarkable Sainsbury art collection, and also hosting a wide variety of touring exhibitions. 

It also has a very stylish cafe, fabulous shop, a nuclear bunker underneath it, and a great view over UEA lake.

Apart from the two destinations above, there are lots of other interesting buildings in Norwich.

Other great locations to visit in Norwich.

The Norman castle is obviously worth a visit, as is the Assembly Rooms (below), which has been described as "one of the most glorious examples of Georgian architecture".

It almost burned down in a fire in the 1990s, but has since been lovingly restored, although - sadly - its cinema, known as "the Noverre" no longer exists.

There are hidden gems all around Norwich, many tucked away in tiny mediaeval courtyards, as well as in more obvious locations such as Elm Hill (now lacking its elm, since Dutch Elm Disease took its toll in the late 1970s).

Some of the more interesting buildings are still more than tourist destinations, too, such as the Great Hospital, which has been in continuous use for over 750 years, and still serves as sheltered housing for the citizens of Norwich.

It is laid out like a monastery, around one of the smallest cloisters in England, and must be a rather nice place to end your days!

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Charles Lyons answered

Discover Norwich's best loved and most popular attractions, like the secret plantation garden; take an open top city sight seeing bus around the city. Hence shoppers won't be disappointed after a visit of Jarrold's or the old skating rink gallery. You will find lots of best places to visit in Norwich.

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