What are the best places to visit in Prague at Christmas?


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Prague is a beautiful European city that has become an increasingly popular destination to visit especially at Christmas. Here is a rundown of  some of the must see places in Prague during the Christmas season!

Christmas Markets

Prague is renowned for its Christmas Markets and welcomes thousands of tourists wanting to get a taste of the magic.  The Old Town Square market is the most famous and busiest market which holds an array of little stalls amongst the midst of renaissance architecture.  If you are looking for good food during Christmas you may want to visit the Republic Square market which has authentic and delicious Czech food.

Prague Castle                                                                              

Prague castle exemplifies beauty and has the largest scenic area in the world. The castle is home to the Church of the Virgin Mary and St George's Basilica which are both ideal places to visit during the festive season. Be prepared for lots of walking around the castle and take in the breathtaking views which illuminates during Christmas.


If you enjoy shopping there is no better place than the Palladium shopping mall in central Prague. The five storey elaborate mall is home to over 170 shops and a variety of restaurants and cafes. Why not enjoy a bit of Christmas shopping right from the heart of this beautiful city at the Palladium

Charles Bridge

A trip to Prague would not be complete without visiting the renowned monument of Charles Bridge. This innovative bridge was built in 1357 by the Roman Emperor Charles IV and is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Prague. Charles Bridge oversees beautiful scenery ideal for a very special Christmas.

I hope that if you do visit Prague during Christmas time you will enjoy these must see sights. For more information on the variety of places to visit and accommodation and dining in Prague visit: Http://www.myczechrepublic.com

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