Do you think the world will adopt Bitcoin?


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Perhaps in the long run, but not soon.

Bitcoin offers some interesting options however it is facing a difficult uphill battle. Primarily its problem is one of exposure. Without government backing or the backing of a major commercial or financial institution there isn't a particularly strong incentive. Admittedly their are some cost savings involved, however there is a decently high barrier to get setup for it and not yet a wealth of consumers using it. Its not yet supported by major financial institutions like credits cards.

It has two particularly strong points. One, its international which gives it use as a cross border currency. Two, the "fad" mindset of internet culture could make it explode down the like. Just like a viral video, all it would take is the right trigger to make it bloom and suddenly it would receive news coverage and more widespread adoption. But unfortunately attempting to foresee what will become viral on the internet is a Fool's game.

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Karl Sagan answered

I have never believed in cryptocurrency but this site has made me change my mind, you know why? Because indeed when you see how many people choose using cryptocurrency, you believe it has some power and all indexes don't look so hopeless in the end!

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Albert Enula answered

Started in 2008 by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was introduced as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system in his Whitepaper. The financial crisis of 2007-2008 was the reason behind the emergence of bitcoin as the traditional financial institution like banks shook the beliefs of the general population in them.

With its value going to as high as $20,000 last year and dropping down to $5,000 at the starting of 2018, no doubt, Bitcoin has seen its ups and downs. However, whether it’s a stock market or the crypto market, almost everything is susceptible to the lows as well as downs.

Talking about the future of bitcoin, no one can say anything for certain. But having said that, bitcoin’s future is most likely to only grow. As for why well:

Working with Scalability- For starters, scalability is the most pressing issue here that means the number of transactions the bitcoin network can process is not enough. But this aspect is something that developers are constantly working upon. A number of solutions keep on introduced in the crypto marketspace by researchers, analysts and bitcoin enthusiasts.

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Yes, I think in the near future world will adopt Bitcoin because cryptocurrency is digital currency and it is very secure. You also can invest and mine your Bitcoin with it is free and easy to use. Also, you get free Bitcoin when you enter your BTC address.

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The world has already taken Bitcoin. And this process is irreversible. Further development only. This is evidenced by the many crypto signals telegram groups, channel crypto signals, which provide users with bitcoin signals and altcoin signals, which can be simply called crypto calls. Despite the instability of the market, its high volatility and exposure to many factors, cryptocurrency will develop. And there is no cryptocurrency yet, which would be able to replace Bitcoin.

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I agree, Bitcoin has already been accepted. Frankly speaking, I didn't think it would become so popular and so widely used when it appeared. Now many people regret that they didn't invest in it in the very beginning. I found a lot of posts about it on different cryptocurrency forums. If you want to find out more other people's opinions, you can check these sites.

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