What do you think of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?


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Since North Korea has stated it is hacking and stealing it to build a war chest, many  are avoiding it.

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Klepto currency.

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The big banks are secretly panicking because they know that their entire monopoly could be brought down on their heads, so they'll do their best pretend like it doesn't bother them all while using regulatory bodies to do their dirty work behind the scenes. But if one government tries to block it, another will embrace it at the expense of the other country's ability to fast track innovation and economic growth. Essentially they'll have to learn to work with crypto or they will be crushed by it. And what about token? I know a good catalog, maybe you'll come in handy.

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Roy Novak answered

Bitcoin is basically a type of digital currencies. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and one of the biggest currency as compared to all other digital currency. Bitcoin is used to store and send any amount of money anywhere in the world. You can also use this currency to buy goods and services. If you want to know more about this then I would suggest you to just take a look at cryptocurrencies

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Btc Wonder answered

I see Bitcoin and other Crytpocurrencies as one of the advancement in payment methods. These are also called as digital assets.
I do support cryptocurrencies, i wish people and world accepts them as well because it could definitely make the new advancements in our payment and related systems.

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Ayesha Khan answered

If you take away all the noise around cryptocurrencies and reduce it to a simple definition, you find it to be just limited entries in a database no one can change without fulfilling specific conditions. This may seem ordinary, but, believe it or not: This is exactly how you can define a currency. This is all in relation to how you learn machine learning. Both of these are connected and will make our future improve exponentially.

As long as a transaction is unconfirmed, it is pending and can be forged. When a transaction is confirmed, it is set in stone. It is no longer forgeable, it can‘t be reversed, it is part of an immutable record of historical transactions: Of the so-called blockchain.

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vat uae , Tell about Bitcoin , answered

Bitcoin was thefirst cryptocurrency, and is still the biggest, but in the eight years since it was created pretenders to the throne have come along.

A bitcoin doesn’t really exist as a concrete physical – or even digital – object. If I have 0.5 bitcoins sitting in my digital wallet, that doesn’t mean there is a corresponding other half sitting somewhere else.

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My friend's visiting a blockchain conference this summer. He is determined to spend two days there admiring the sights as well. I was surprised to know that bitcoin miners had their own conferences. I could understand if they had online webinars or something of the kind, but a full-length two days event is serious business. Would you like to buy a ticket for such an event?

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James Peng ,, answered

Bitcoin, along with other main stream cryptocurrencies like LTC, ETH are way to bloated in price to make proper profit nowadays. But with newly established coins like RavenCoin, you can potentially gain a profit of 200% or 1000% in a matter of months.

RavenCoin was recently (May, 2018) on IDCM (International Digital Currency Markets)

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Albert Enula answered

I think they are an important product of innovative thinking.

the Blockchain is able to support people making transactions using Bitcoin. Years ago, this would have seemed quite impossible. Considering
the total volume/value of Bitcoin presently in circulation, you could
see that its a new Virtual economy all together.

there are a host of other brilliant innovations being hosted on the
Blockchain. Utilizing Proof of work, or even the proof of stake
algorithm of consensus to run and verify transactions.

one Blockchain that stands out is RChain project. The organization has
worked relentlessly to birth a new platform capable of running more than
5,000 TPS.

If we could be futuristic and
for once consider the elegant projects, in diverse areas of mankind
where such amount of processing power could be utilized. A lot more time
would be saved. Healthcare, Social networking e.t.c.

Things done on the Blockchain would be more efficient.

More problems would be solved.

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Amit Bajpayee answered

Every investor is worried about future of cryptocurrency as we have seen a dip in Bitcoin value. Still, there are some altcoins which has a bright future and will replace Bitcoin as there are some flaws in it.

Here is the reference I get from Forbes -

"The Russian Bitcoin mining company called Russian Mining Coin (RMC) did an ICO last September. Pre-ICO prices for one coin ranged between $4,000 and $5,000, so a $10,000 investment in an RMC coin would get you no more than two coins. Today, one RMC coin goes for around $9,000. At its peak on Dec. 7, however, one RMC sold for over $29,000."

So there's a scope to earn money if you invest in cryptocurrency, but if you are new to trading world, you would need a Forex trading trainer who can mentor you and guide you with the Forex trading strategies.

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In my opinion this is a good way to make money. All you need is just to figure out how it works. In fact, it is not so difficult. Look here, there is not a long learning about how cryptocurrencies work. This truth is not difficult to understand.

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