What's the best time of year to go to DisneyLand?


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Jason Levy answered

For me it's always a good time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort . I have been to visit in every season . Whenever the special events should organize for Disney World i really like to go.

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Darik Majoren answered

Disney Land . . Or Disney World?

For Both, it's great in the off season times (When there is NO school vacations . . . This includes Summer time).

Warm weather is horrible in Disney World . . . From May to September can be muggy and miserable.  Disney Land isn't as far south as Disney Land, but it is the southern part of California, so perhaps the summer months would be hot as well.

I used to think that October was great, and especially the end of October. Last time there were a great many Scottish people and some of the southern states were experimenting with early Fall vacations . . . Upon having a discussion with a little old man, working in Epcot, he said if you come the week of March 3rd . . The place is like a ghost town. On and off the rides as many times as you want, and comfortable 60-70 degrees. 

Important to note, that Disney Land, is the only place that Has the Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

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